2 Easy Tricks To Make Your Fake Christmas Tree Look Fuller, Brighter and More Real

There’s a common problem with artificial Christmas trees – they tend to look fake, have thin/bare spots, and they are never bright enough.

There are some simple ways to make your fake Christmas tree look much more realistic and look well…. much BETTER.

2 Easy Tricks To Make Your Artificial Christmas Tree Look Fuller, Brighter and More Real

Unless you have an awesome fake Christmas tree that looks real like these trees here, you’re gonna have to put a little extra effort in to make your tree look great.

It only takes 2 little tweaks to get that bright and full look.

To help your fake tree look fuller…

Just get some cheap matching pine tree garland – preferably with lights – and wrap that around your tree to fill in the bare areas.

This gives an instant more full look to your tree.

To make your fake tree look brighter, just add more lights.

Many pre-lit trees come with what seems to be a lot of lights, but in this case, it’s not enough.

Simply adding more lights makes a world of difference!

That’s all there is to it – use some cheap pine garland and add more lights.

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