Easy Appetizer Recipe – Sandwich Sliders (4 Recipes)

Y’all have GOT to make these sandwich sliders at your next game day party or get-together! These sandwich sliders are so delicious! I can never make enough of them – seriously, they eat them before I even get a second taste! There are 4 sandwich slider recipe variations in the recipe below: – Ham and…


Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

How about some yummy Apple Pie Moonshine to keep you and your honey warm around the bonfire this Fall? It’s easy enough to make this (very) adult beverage. Again, this is NOT for the kids – this is strictly for those over 21 and with a DD (that’s Designated Driver). This Apple Pie Moonshine recipe…


Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Recipe! What a DELICIOUS and EASY appetizer recipe this is – spinach and cheese stuffed mushrooms! Just look how delicious! (the recipe is below) Trust me, they are divine! Heavenly! Awesome… Here’s the recipe (found in this magazine):


Best Ever Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Holiday Recipe Idea – When it comes to food we have at our family get-togethers, there is ALWAYS some form of green bean casserole. And naturally, each and every woman who brings one swears HER green bean casserole is THE best ever. Is it that way in YOUR family, too? If you want to end…


Peanut Butter Cup Brownies – Yes PLEASE!

Found this YUMMY Peanut Butter Cup brownie recipe on Pinterest. I must have it NOW! According the recipe, along with good non-stick spray, there are two other things you MUST have to get these peanut cup brownies to turn out properly: Good Quality Muffin Pan like this one – if you try to use a…